Mini Vikes 2023

Indoor soccer for 3-5 year olds!

Mini Vikes soccer is indoor fun for all 3 -5 year old kids. Registration deadline is December 9th, 2022. Cost is $25/player ($20 for additional sibling)

Meet and Greet Day January 21st at 9:30 AM (coaches meeting at 9am)- This day will consist of a short meeting with all participants when you will meet your coach, get your practice and game schedule, and all other information for a smooth Mini Vikes season.
**Picture Day is Saturday February 4th. Plan to come ½ hour before your game for photos**
The Games
1st game is February 4th and runs for 4 Saturdays. The last game is February 25th.
Games start every hour. Generally, each game will have two, 20-minute halves with a 5-minute water break at half time. If the game is running late or the kids are tired, we will stop the second half early. There are 6 players on each side, including one goalie. Coaches may substitute at will. Parents are encouraged to be on the floor if their child needs special encouragement or assistance.
The Game Rules:
• No score is kept
• Good sportsmanship is taught and lead by example of coaches and parents
• Teach very basics of soccer – no hands (unless you are the goalie)-kick the ball into the goal.
• Try not to hurt each other
Being a referee-This involves encouraging the kids, keeping them safe and helping when they need it. We need 1 parent from each team for each game. This gives you as a parent the opportunity to be directly involved and the children love to have you out there. Your coach will be asking you to referee.
Final Game (February 25th)-There will be a short ceremony following each shortened game. Each child will be recognized with a certificate.
Practices –There is only one practice a week and only for 2 weeks (the week before and after the first game). You will find out your practice day at the meet and greet on January 21st.
Snacks -Team parents organize who will bring snacks and drinks for after the game.
This program is operated by volunteers from Faith Journey Church. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions please contact the church office at 208-454-0736,, or League Director Isaac Garcia 208-841-4621, email

2023 Season Schedule

Meet and Greet Jan.21

8:30 Skiff Team 8 Meinbresse Team 4
8:45 Johnson Team 7 Rowely Team 2
9:00 Bayless Team 3 Jachim Team 1
9:15 Greiner Team 5 Blele Team 9
9:30 Bell Team10 Fernandes Team 6

Practice Schedules:
Monday Jan. 30/Feb.6
6PM-6:30PM Johnson Team 7 (Blue Field) Jachim Team 1 (White Field)
6:30PM-7PM Meinbresse Team 4 (Blue Field) Fernandes Team 6 (White Field)
7PM-7:30PM Skiff Team 8 (Blue Field) Bell Team10 (White Field)

Tuesday Jan. 31/Feb.7
6PM-6:30PM Rowely Team 2 (Blue Field) Greiner Team 5 (White Field)
6:30PM-7PM Blele Team 9 (Blue Field) Bayless Team 3 (White Field)

Game Schedule:
Blue Field Team 5 Forest VS. Team 6 Pink

White Field Team 1 Red VS. Team 10 Gray

Blue Field Team 4 Blue VS. Team 7 Orange

White Field Team 2 Green VS. Team 9 Charcoal

Blue Field Team 3 Purple VS. Team 8 Royal

Blue Field Team 8 Royal VS. Team 7 Orange

White Field Team 4 Blue VS Team 6 Pink

Blue Field Team 9 Charcoal VS. Team 5 Forest

White Field Team 10 Gray VS. Team 3 Purple

Blue Field Team 2 Green VS Team 1 Red

Blue Field Team 9 Charcoal VS. Team 4 Blue

White Field Team 10 Gray VS. Team 5 Forest

Blue Field Team 8 Royal VS. Team 2 Green

White Field Team 1 Red VS. Team 6 Pink

Blue Field Team 7 Orange VS Team 3 Purple

Blue Field Team 6 Pink VS Team 2 Green

White Field Team 5 Forest VS Team 4 Blue

Blue Field Team 3 Purple VS Team 1 Red

White Field Team 10 Gray VS Team 7 Orange

Blue Field Team 9 Charcoal VS Team 8 Royal