About Us


Faith Journey Church was previously Oregon Trail Church of God, and is affiliated with Church of God, Anderson IN.  We welcome all to Join The Journey of Faith as genuine followers of Jesus Christ. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be genuine. The journey stretches before us all to follow, and Jesus Christ is our destination.


There are four core values of Faith Journey Church that reflect our spiritual journey of faith.

1. Jesus Christ is the destination of our journey.
2. Scripture is our foundation and the road map for our journey.
3. All generations contribute to the journey.
4. Everyone is welcome on the journey.


These spiritual growth classes are designed to be the bridge to the next step in your journey. The hope and prayer is that they will inspire and motivate you to commit to, and take, the next step in your faith journey.

Attend Church

Journey Class #1
Faith Journey Church Basics

In this one session class we cover the history of our church, our vision and mission, core values, church leadership structure, Church of God affiliation, our statement of faith, core doctrines/beliefs, and you will enjoy a tour of our facility.

Small Group/Class

Journey Class #2
I am a church member

This three session class is based on a book by Thom Rainer titled “I Am a Church Member”. We talk about the common stereotypes of church and Christian culture, how the church helps and unfortunately sometimes hurts your faith journey, and how we all can rise above it through Christ’s power and unity with other believers.

Serve in a ministry

Journey Class #3
Spiritual Gifts

This three session class will take you through what spiritual gifts are, why God gives them to us, and what do with them. You will take an online spiritual gifts and personality test called Uniquely You, which can open up a whole new world regarding what opportunities you need to say “yes” to, and when to say “no” based on how God made you and gifted you.

There is a $10 fee for this class that goes toward the cost of the online test.

Help lead a ministry

Journey Class #4
Spiritual Disciplines

This four session class will take you deeper in your daily faith than most Christians have ever experienced. This is the point in your journey you need to go beyond what church can do for you, and through Biblical guidance start growing on your own as you learn to hear and trust God’s voice in your life.

Be a spiritual companion

Journey Class #5
Being a Disciple that makes Disciples

This “class” is an ongoing leadership development program that will help you lead a younger believer as you both move forward in your faith journey.